Melody Johnson is the “Leading Force”

I am a wife, a professional, a “Mom on a Mission” with children who attend Public School. I am also your current school board member who represents district 5, and I am also a recognized leader.  The Daytona Beach News Journal has referred to me as a “Leading Force”* on the Volusia County School Board.  As a leader, action and accomplishments are what people expect.  For instance, since the early summer of 2017, I have been on a quest to eliminate the District Cost Differential (DCD) which has cost our District over $140 million since 2004.  This funding formula, which was instituted by the Florida legislature, steals from less wealthy counties and is given to wealthy districts.  This is our money and thus the battle continues.

Since my election to the Volusia County School Board in 2014, progress has been positive and also praised. Our graduation rate is at the highest  level, EVER!  Our School District is a strong “B” with a focus on becoming an “A”.  We now have a TRANSPARENCY FLORIDA link that allows taxpayers the ability to track spending and contracts. We have discontinued numerous tests that are unnecessary and are unneeded.  Our District is sound financially and we continue to expand opportunities to our Public School students here in Volusia County. 

As your School Board representative in District 5, the communication and also the collaboration between the city of Deltona and the Volusia County School District is solid.  We are closely working with Colleges and Universities as well as Manufacturing and Trade Associations here locally.  During my tenure I have worked with businesses (NASCAR,  Florida Hospital for instance) to partner with our schools and as a Physician Assistant I have been instrumental in helping to bolster our Health Academies at Deltona and Pine Ridge High Schools.  Reaching out and attending  Chamber events, service organizations and with other stakeholders speaking on behalf of our students, our teachers and our district there is a greater engagement between local business and schools.  My devotion to seeing our community grow as a team will continue to be a major focus of mine for the next four years.

As someone who is “Leading the Way”, District 5 which includes Deltona, Enterprise, Osteen and some of Deland has witnessed numerous benefits for our students, teachers and staff.  Parents, like myself have become involved and active. Deltona and Pine Ridge High Schools now have the coveted University level “Cambridge International School” curriculum being taught to our students.  My youngest son, who currently attends Galaxy Middle School, will be part of the fall class of Cambridge students.  Also, both high schools have 5 Star Health Academies.  What an honor! My oldest son will be graduating from Deltona High School as a student of the Health Academy.  Our middle schools now have redesigned STEM and STEAM Academies that are second to none.  We have added the RAPTOR Visitor System, which has stopped sexual predators from entering our campuses.   We are also in the process of making our schools safer and more secure.  We have been enhancing our blended learning and we are on track to accomplishing our goal of a 1 to 1 technology Initiative by 2020. 

As a “Leader” I will run a positive campaign. This is important to me as a mother with school aged children and also with voters who want an authentic candidate who offers real solutions, has common sense, does not divide people and will not stoop to using smear tactics. I commit to you that I will continue to be a person of integrity, honor and honesty. My only special interests are the Public School students like my sons to be prepared for the 21st Century and the global economy.  I firmly believe that you as a parent know what is best when it comes to your child’s education.  I am pro-parent and I favor parental choice. Whether the focus is on college, the military or even vocational education I truly understand.  As the ONLY candidate with children in Public Schools I have found that teachers, administrators, staff, taxpayers and parents truly appreciate this and they realize that I am connected everyday as a result!  By having children who attend Volusia County Public Schools I have a vested interest in my sons and the 62,000 plus Public School students.  Though we have seen positive headway more needs to be done.  So, with that and with almost 4 years on the Volusia County School Board, not only do you know me, Melody, but I hope that I have EARNED your VOTE to serve “FOUR MORE YEARS”. On August 28, re-elect Melody Johnson for Volusia County School Board, District 5.

For the Kids,

Melody Johnson,

Volusia County School Board Member

To donate please make checks payable to the “Melody Johnson Campaign” and send to the address below or if you want to donate online, please go to facebook at Melody4thekids Please know that the maximum amount allowed by Florida Law is $1000.00 per person or business per election.  Any donation given is NOT tax deductible as a charitable contribution for federal tax purposes.

1114 West Seagate Drive

Deltona, FL 32725


Facebook:  Melody4thekids

* Daytona Beach News Journal 08/21/17

Pd. Political Adv. and Approved by Melody Johnson for Volusia County School Board, District 5